– Featuring TwoTimer, HoldUp, and FourPlay – September 11, 2014


Interbike has begun and is already steamrolling on with a “can’t stop, wont stop” show. The halls flow with frenzied footsteps that only rest when an interesting product stands out from the rest. Here are some of the products that slowed our feet down.

Overdue, but welcomed, Yakima is releasing a hitch-mounted bike with trays that will cradle all the current tire sizes out there. Yup, that includes 4.8″ fat bike tires. The days of taking your fat tires off and throwing it in the back of the hatchback are over. The TwoTimer rack holds two bikes and carry on the same tilt-down function of the HoldUp rack. The FourPlay rack holds four bikes, but the outer two trays can be quickly removed and only installed for weekend trips with the family…

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Interbike Show daily Day 1 – Yakima’s “Newbie” CEO Gets Acquainted With Industry – September 10, 2014


Posted in Interbike Show Daily | Leave a comment – Q&A: Yakima’s new CEO, Ryan Martin – September 10, 2014


Yakima‘s newest CEO finds himself eyeballing every car rack he sees on the road and quickly admits he has a lot to learn about the sports rack industry.

“I spend a lot more time on the road looking at which brand is fixed to the roof or attached to the hitch,” said Ryan Martin, who took the job in Beaverton, Oregon, about six weeks ago.

Since then he has attended Outdoor Retailer and is now at Interbike (Booth 23124). And, so far, he has enjoyed every minute in an industry far removed from his past job as global director of strategy and business development for Whirlpool Corp.

But Martin, 40, is unfazed by the new role, particularly for someone who has moved his family from the Midwest to live for two years in Hong Kong. “Whirlpool was growing their Asia sourcing footprint and I helped to grow that office and lead a couple of categories,” he said…

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SGB Weekly – Featuring Yakima Brand Awareness – September 8, 2014



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Mountain Bike Action – Featuring HoldUp – October 2014


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Bicycle Retailer & Industry News – Featuring FourPlay – September 1, 2014


Posted in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News | Tagged | Leave a comment – Featuring SweetRoll and SUPDawg – August 22, 2014


Yakima Racks are as much a part of the outdoors as blue sky and blue water. After 35 years leading the way in utility racks and accessories, they have introduced some cool new products for kayak anglers.

Not only has Yakima introduced new products, but it has improved on some old favorites. I have Mako saddles on my XTerra so I was stoked to see the new SweetRoll cradles on display at Yakima’s Outdoor Retailer booth. The new model adds rear saddles with integrated rollers and a redesigned clamp that won’t spin on round bars…

In addition to improving on old favorites, Yakima has introduced the SupDawg, which standup paddlers are sure to like. This innovative new rack system is 36-inches wide and can carry two standup paddle boards. The rear bar also features integrated rollers to make it easy to load full-size boards. The coolest feature is the strap management system. The end of the strap tucks into the bar so it doesn’t slap on the roof.

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Beaverton, Ore. – Yakima is releasing three new cargo top bags for Spring 2015: The Cargopack, DryTop and SoftTop.

The cargo top bags feature adjustable mounting straps that secure them to nearly all roof types, including naked roofs. This adds 13 to 16 cubic feet of storage. According to Yakima, they are easy to install, remove and store when not in use.

Their durable and weather-resistant construction includes sealed seams and zipper covers to protect gear from the elements. The DryTop and CargoPack both feature heavy-duty ballistic nylon for three to four-season travel, and the SoftTop is good to go during two seasons.

Other key features for the DryTop and CargoPack include interior compression straps that stabilize contents for improved aerodynamics, and padded, anti-skid bottom to protect the vehicle. The CargoPack also has EVA-molded panels for added structure and style.

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You’re not a true mountain man or woman unless you need several racks all over your car or truck to carry massive amounts of gear. And if you don’t have any gear? Well, they make your car look cool anyway. Yakima has long been among the kings of rack makers, and at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, they introduced new tray-style hitch racks to accommodate a larger range of bike styles, as well as an updated roof box using golf ball technology..

First up, the FourPlay and TwoTimer tray-style hitch racks are designed to carry bikes of all shapes and sizes, even those new fat bikes that are getting so popular. The trays will fit road bikes, cruiser bikes, standard mountain bikes and even those fatties. Two different-sized channels on the trays make it happen, along with the newly designed ratcheting system that goes over the top tubes rather than the front tires like other tray-style racks…

Like most outdoorsy types here in the Wasatch, I go bonkers over gear storage, and a roof box is easily the best way to get your stuff from city to mountains without taking up any seating space. So when I saw the new Carbonite series at the Yakima booth, I couldn’t stop caressing it. Why? Because the boxes are textured with a dimple pattern very similar to a golf ball. The idea behind this textured lid is that it gives the boxes increased aerodynamics…

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I realize our trip was over a while ago, but I’m still recapping it…

Given that we had this Yakima rack sitting on top of our car, I really REALLY wanted a “car” picture – you know the kind – as if we were uber sporty adventurous people rockin it out on the salt plains with nothing but a bottle of water and our Yakima rack holding our essential survival gear, making it look like we just jumped out of some car commercial…

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