OutsideTelevision.com – Branded: Yakima Brand Profile – February 2015


For 35 years, Yakima has been making secure racks for your gear so you can fit more friends in your car.

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BikeRumor.com – Featuring FullSwing 4 – January 15, 2015


When Yakima offered up the chance to review their new Fullswing rack, admittedly a lot of my motivation was due to my desire to find a rack that could easily carry fat bikes. Sure, now there are a number of racks meant to carry the monster tires, but at the time my options were pretty limited. Tired of my fat bikes wiggling their way out of home-brewed solutions, the secure mounts of the Hitch Mast style rack were intriguing. Hoping to carry a few fat bikes and my wife’s beach cruiser to our ocean destination, the Fullswing capability of the rack made it seem like a done deal.

After a year’s worth of use, I’ve learned quite a bit from the use of the Fullswing. In certain situations it can be amazing. Yet, in other circumstances depending on the bike there are certainly better options. As it turns out, the Fullswing is a pretty impressive rack – just maybe not for the user you would expect…

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ActiveGearReview.com – Featuring FatCat 6 – January 2015


If you like to travel with a few ski or board options on a weekend trip or love to carpool with friends or have a family that skis together, then you should check out the Yakima FatCat 6 ski rack.

The Yakima FatCat 6, as its’ name suggests, can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. To put this to the test, we loaded up the rack with 2 pairs of backcountry cross country skis, 2 pairs of All-Mountain skis, and 2 pairs of powder skis, with approximately 100-110 mm underfoot width. The FatCat 6 was able to accommodate the load with ease thanks to the DualJoint hinge system; the skis felt secure within the rack and the rack itself can be locked closed even when accommodating a large load. If you have super fat skis, then you will likely only be able to fit up to 4 or 5 skis. Unlike any other rack on the market, the FatCat 6 also features an integrated ski lift that helps to raise the binding up off of the roof of your car for taller bindings…

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BustedWallet.com – Featuring FatCat 6 Limited Edition Ski Rack – December 29, 2014


Twenty fourteen was a great year for gear! And your good friends here at Busted Wallet tested and reviewed more gear, tech and equipment than ever. With the end of the year in sight we thought it would be good timing share with you our gear of the year. In this article we’re showcasing some of our favorite products from the year that was 2014…

The Yakima FatCat 6 Special Edition has exceeded our expectations in just about every way. It’s not only visually unique, but it is well constructed and durable, and will give you many years of hard use. Anyone who finds joy in downhill sport the way we do can feel secure that their equipment is well protected with this model. Yakima has surely outdone themselves with the FatCat 6 Limited Edition, and we have been thrilled with our experience getting our skis and boards to the mountain fuss free and in style…

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PotpourriPlus.com – Featuring Yakima – December 12, 2014


Yakima is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle racks, roof racks, car racks, cargo trailers and boxes, canoe racks, kayak racks, ski racks, and so many other products that will make transporting your equipment simple. They’ve been around for 35 years and their equipment is safe, dependable, reliable, and made out of the strongest, most durable materials. You will have piece of mind as your tote your valuables around via your vehicle. The only problem that you will encounter is deciding on which beach, ski resort, or trail you’re headed to. After all, it’s all about the adventure and the memories you make along the way. As Yakima states, they walk the walk, run the run, bike the bike, and hike the hike. All the way there, and all the way back.

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Enduro-mtb.com – Featuring HoldUp rack – December 5, 2014


Bike racks are pretty simple in what they are supposed to do. Carry bicycles from point A to point B. But certainly how they differ is how easy to use they are, and can you trust your bike for the given trip? I used the Holdup from Yakima for eight months recently. Read on to find out if it did it’s job…

The Holdup is Yakima’s top of the line hitch receiver rack. While roof racks dominated the scene for many years, because of their complete security and versatility, hitch tray type racks have come on strong the last couple years for a couple reasons. As bikes progressed in design, frames fit less and less on hanging frame type hitch racks, and were never secure enough for some people’s tastes. Roof racks were difficult to use for some people, and affected vehicle mileage enough to be a factor. As companies like Yakima perfected hitch tray designs to carry a huge multitude of bike styles, they grew in popularity…

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BustedWallet.com – Featuring FatCat 6 Limited Edition – December 4, 2014


Winter is here at last, and it’s time to cram all of your crew in the car and go hit the slopes. It’s an exciting time of year, but there are a lot of factors we need to consider when faced with the dilemma of how to transport everyone and all their gear for a weekend excursion to the mountain…The most popular way to accomplish this has always been the roof rack, and today we’re gonna throw the Yakima FatCat 6 Limited Edition on our Jeep and see how securely and efficiently it holds all of our posse’s gear as we enjoy the snowy glory of Winter.

For those of us fortunate enough to have cross bars installed on our vehicle, there’s always the option available to throw whatever equipment we want to take with us on top, and that has especially been the case for decades with rooftop ski racks. In all the time they’ve been available, many of us have gone through the ordeal of having to find the proper mounting accessories to fit to whatever make and model we happen to be driving. Luckily in the case of the Yakima FatCat 6, mounting accessories are provided that will properly secure to just about any rooftop crossbar apparatus out there. Whether dealing with aerodynamic, square, or round crossbars, you can be confident that the Yakima FatCat 6 will be ready for installation right out of the box without having to seek out extra accessories or after market components that sometimes are just not readily available in the same location as the ski rack purchase…

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BikeRadar.com – Featuring HighRoller – December 2, 2014


It’s that time of year again, when you’ll be searching high and low for that perfect present for the mountain biker in your life. We’ve gathered together a selection of items that won’t break the bank, making them perfect last minute gifts or stocking stuffers…

A bike rack is often a crucial piece of kit for many mountain bikers and the convenience of a permanent roof rack will likely have you at the trails sooner…

We’ve been using the Yakima HighRoller for sometime now and have found the wheel holding system to work well with all types of bikes (excluding fat bikes). With no gripping of the frame, placing the bike is simply fast.

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Paddling Magazine – Featuring Yakima Roof racks – December 2014/January 2015


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BackPackGearTest.org – Featuring Swingdaddy Bike Rack – November 15, 2014


Last summer, my family and I were sitting around the campfire musing about how having our bikes at our base camp would be useful and fun. Not having a car rack for the bikes made those thoughts simply wishful thinking.

When Christmas time came around, I had the brilliant idea to gift the family with a bike rack for the car. After much research, I settled on the Yakima SwingDaddy, a car carrier for 4 bikes.

Christmas morning the BIG package was the center of attention and was a bigger hit when the wrapping paper was torn off and SwingDaddy was revealed. Once the festivities died down a bit, my son, Shawn, and I took the SwingDaddy outside to see how it would fit on his JEEP which is equipped with the required 2″ (5 cm) hitch…

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