NSMB.com – Featuring HoldUp Hitch Rack – July 10, 2014


My girlfriend and I recently made the hipster pilgrimage from Vancouver to Portland in our Subaru Legacy. We parked the car and got around by bike and foot for the weekend – but we couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people shared our taste in all wheel drive family wagons. Many of these cars had been beaten mercilessly yet were still hanging on to life. And many of those cars were equipped with Yakima racks, similarly beaten.

…the HoldUp was revamped last year and this version has some new features in addition to a shiny black finish over the previous grey colour…We are using the HoldUp for 1-1/4″ receivers, which can only be used with two bikes; however, the HoldUp for 2″ receivers is expandable to four bikes.

The learning curve was quick with the HoldUp. Flipping the rack down from the stowed position can be done with one hand while holding your bike in the other. Getting bikes on and off is intuitive and simple. That may sound a bit pedantic but not all products in the hitch rack market are as easy and pleasurable to use as the HoldUp…

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BostonGlobe.com – Featuring Skybox Carbonite – July 6, 2014


With school out and summer here, it’s time to pull out your camping gear and hit the road. Before you set off on your adventures, consider some of the latest family-friendly outdoor gear, from spacious shelters and kid-specific sleeping bags to a stove that can cook dinner while charging your portable devices. Here are a few of our top picks…

Yakima’s Skybox Carbonite roof box can swallow all of your new and old gear, leaving plenty of room in the car for family and friends. The storage boxes quickly and easily attach to your roof bars, whether they’re round, square, factory-made, or aeroblade style. The boxes, made from 80 percent recycled plastics, range from 12 cubic feet (you can fit all of your basic gear) to 21 cubic feet (bring two of everything), and come in a variety of widths and sizes…

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DirtRagMag.com – Featuring Skybox Pro 16 – July 3, 2014


Mountain biking requires a lot of gear, particularly if you’re, say, going on a multi-day road trip where you plan to camp and ride. When faced with the decision of which automobile to buy to haul around said gear, choices run the gamut from small and efficient to large and inefficient. Years ago, I bought a small, two-door hatchback that was efficient and great in the city. But, when packing for a camping and riding road trip for two, I simply didn’t have as much room as I’d like. Enter Yakima’s Skybox Pro 16 with, you guessed it, 16 cubic feet of storage.


According to Yakima’s online fit guide, the Skybox 16 was the largest cargo box that would fit my little hatchback. Yakima’s offerings range from 12 to 21 cubic feet of space, so I was excited to be able to fit such a large box on a little car. For perspective, my car offered 15.7 cubic feet of cargo space with the back seats up, 35.7 cubic feet when folded down. So, an additional 16 cubic feet is a substantial addition…

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CyclingUtah.com – Featuring FrontLoader Bike Mount – July 2014


In 2012, I upgraded my mountain bike to a new 29er. The bigger wheel size has been great in the dirt – it rolls over bumps and rocks more easily than the 26er. But, it presents problems for traveling with the bike…

What’s one to do to carry a big bike on the roof of your car? Enter the Yakima FrontLoader bike mount. I’ve had the opportunity to try it out recently and have been very pleased with it. A big advantage of this bike mount is that you can leave the front wheel on the bike. This is especially useful for front through-axle bikes, and leads to much less hassle going to and from the trailhead…

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Wired – Featuring SUPPup Rack- July 2014


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Powdermag.com – Featuring Skybox 18 Carbonite – June 4, 2014


I drive a double cab Toyota Tacoma with a camper shell so there’s lots of space. But my wife and I also have a dog, a kid, a jogging stroller, and a ton of our own gear, so you’d be surprised just how fast the back get’s cluttered up when we head out for a weekend trip.

To try and organize the chaos and make sure I can see out the rearview mirror, I’ve been using Yakima’s Skybox 18 Carbonite cargo box. In the winter it works great for carrying and organizing skis: It will hold anything up to 215 centimeters long (remember those days?) and easily caries four or five pairs with tons of leftover room for boots and poles. In the summer, it will hold your camping gear plus plenty of beer.

Unlike some older roof racks, which require an annoying amount of assembly, the Skybox 18 Carbonite comes out of the box ready to go thanks to four simple pre-installed mounting clamps. Adjust the sliding clamps so they’re lined up with your roof bars and then lock them around the bars by flipping latches inside the box; 10 minutes and you’re done. The pre-installed clamps fit Yakima’s round bars of course, but are compatible with square, aerodynamic, and factory bars as well…

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Oregonlive.com – Yakima partners with Bike Cooperative – June 3, 2014


Bicycle Retailer and Industry News reports that Beaverton-based Yakima Products Inc. has been named the preferred cargo provider for the 300-member Bike Cooperative.

The partnership between the Bike Cooperative and Yakima will allow for cooperative members to obtain quality bike racks while promoting the Yakima gear.

According to BRAIN, the cooperative was looking for a partner in cargo racks that supports independent bike shops…

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Sportsonesource.com/Outdoor Business Update – Yakima Named Preferred Vendor by The Bike Cooperative – June 2, 2014


Yakima has secured a partnership as The Bike Cooperative’s preferred cargo management equipment provider. The retailer-owned cooperative is dedicated to improving the profitability of its membership, which included 300 independent bike retailers.

The partnership will provide Bike Co-op members with support in promoting Yakima product solutions, plus additional training and sales tools for the floor staff.

“Yakima is thrilled to be working with The Bike Cooperative and further developing strong relationships with such an important and influential group of specialty bike shops,” said Jason McGibbon, Yakima Global Senior Director of Sales. “This group, and the incredible service they provide, aligns perfectly with our commitment to the consumer’s experience with the Yakima portfolio of brands. As we continue to clean up distribution and focus on our core, strategic retail partners, we look forward to driving initiatives that will be meaningful and relevant for our Independent Bike Dealers.”

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Dirtrag – Featuring Skybox Pro 16 – June 2014


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About.com – Featuring HighLite 3 – May 2014


I recently treated myself to a new pair of bike gloves. Just because. In my world, mountain biking gifts are the best gifts. Hands down. Know a mountain biker who feels the same way? Use this list of ideas and treat them to some spankin’ new gear and accessories. Just because.


The HighLite from Yakima is a mast-style hitch carrier. It’s one of the lightest on the market at less than 20 pounds and easy to use. How easy? The addition of a “SpeedKnob” means you don’t even need tools to secure it to your car. The aluminum-constructed bike carrier tilts for access to the rear of your vehicle. It also features anti-sway cradles which eliminate bike-to-bike contact. Just one press of a button will fold its arms down. An integrated cable allows you to lock bikes to the rack. Available in a two or three bike capacity. Gloss white or silver. Fits 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches.

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